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     On the initiative of the Directorate of Protection of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, a functional multi-stroke competition for the Cup of the head of the directorate was held in the Nukus city on October 27.
Students of specialized schools in the military-patriotic direction, located in Turtkul, Chimbay and Khojeyli districts, took part and also tested their skills. The teams' fulfillment of the competition conditions was evaluated by the judges.


     At the end of the competition, young guards who took an active part and fulfilled all the conditions clearly and without mistakes were awarded. As a result, the places were distributed as follows: the students of school № 18 of Turtkul district demonstrated their dexterity and took 1st place, the team of school № 15 of Khojeyli district took 2nd place. Young guards from school № 44 of the Nukus city took the 3rd place. The winners were awarded with a cup, medals, diplomas and valuable gifts. At the same time, the organizers also awarded the team of the school № 36 of the Chimbay district, which distinguished itself by special activity.


     Sport is the main means of promoting mutual harmony and friendship. Such competitions are also important because they serve the physical education of young people and the exchange of experience.

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