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Athletes turn up in training

Functional all-around, also known as "crossfit", is a sport that combines the most difficult strength and gymnastic exercises, which is gaining popularity among the military personnel of the National Guard of the Republic of Uzbekistan and employees of the Main Security Directorate.
Serves to strengthen the physical health of employees, their endurance in sports tests, to train energetic and strong-willed athletes. Today, qualified trainers of the Federation of Functional All-Around Conduct regular trainings among military personnel and employees of the National Guard, as well as arrange events for children in orphanages.
Functional all-around is a training system capable of developing 10 basic human qualities at once:
Endurance of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
Body endurance;
It is based on weightlifting, artistic gymnastics, kettlebell lifting and all types of cardio loads, such as running, swimming, cycling and others. The purpose of promoting this sport is its introduction not only among military personnel and personnel, but also among all young people, citizens who want to improve their physical skills.

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